print & digital design portfolio

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digital projects

Responsive Website

Wordpress website design, development, and site graphics for Fermat's Last Theater.

Book Trailer

Short video to introduce Where I Want to Live, a 2018 poetry chapbook marking the 50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Marches in Milwaukee.

Interactive Digital Project

Hulga's Crowns is an interactive digital project created in collaboration with poet Rita Mae Reese. Original javascript programming plus page design to blend with existing Wordpress website.

Responsive Website

Wordpress website design, development, and copywriting for Kojo Productions.

Interactive Map

An event-based and digital place-making project inviting collaboration and conversation through poetry about Madison. Map includes info about poems and poetry audio. Part of a wider project: Write Your Madison / #WriteYourMadison. Concepting, map production, audio editing. Go to the larger Google Map.

Collaborative Text
Hashtag, a poem assembled on Twitter and Facebook using #WriteYourMadison, and compiled for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Concepting, editing.
Verse Wisconsin Website archive
Magazine Archive

Website designed with Bootstrap for 38 issues of online and print magazine, Verse Wisconsin, including documentation of events.