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recent projects


Artists book and digital book.


Little animations of art and illustration in mixed media on Instagram.

Blank Books

Mono, screen, and pressure printing, plus production.

Where I Want to Live

Poetry chapbook for the 50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Marches in Milwaukee. Letterpress cover, printing, and assembly.


Letterpress broadsides and screenprints. Some words included.

Poetry on the Sidewalks

Short poems in concrete by current and former Madison poets laureate.

Website + Graphics

Wordpress website design and development for Fermat's Last Theater. Graphics for site.

Crown Maker

An interactive digital project/ poem randomizer created in collaboration with poet Rita Mae Reese.

Rules of (dis)engagement, or Dubious perFormances

Faux-real exhibit of women surreal artists, co-written by Wendy Vardaman & Sarah Sadie Busse, dancing girl press 2016.

Midwest Poetics

Sometimes a hashtag/anthology, sometimes a broadside.

Reliquary of Debt

Poetry published by Lit Fest Press 2015.