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Reliquary of Debt
New from Lit Fest Press 2015
Cowfeather Press Hour—
Woodland Pattern Annual Marathon

Milwaukee, January 30, 7-8 p.m. Kimberly Blaeser, Margaret Rozga, Lisa Vihos, Fabu, Rubén Medina, Wendy Vardaman, Sarah Sadie Busse, Timothy Yu, David Graham, and Angela Voras-Hills

MMoCA invites poets to submit works that animate, celebrate, and deliberate on the value of the arts to a community - due Feb. 8 - more info

A portfolio of poems written for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in 2015

New from Cowfeather Press
Nomadic Nation / Nación Nómada by Rubén Medina

An editable google resource doc to supplement local grounds—midwest poetics Cowfeather Press 2014—add your Midwest projects in the comments!