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recent projects

Where I Want to Live

A poetry chapbook in 2018 marking the 50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Marches in Milwaukee. Letterpress cover design, printing, assembly, for editorial team.

2018 Calendar

Letterpressed at the Center for Printing Arts Madison College.

Responsive Website

Wordpress website design and development for Fermat's Last Theater. Graphics for site.

Blank Cards

Screen printed at the Center for Printing Arts Madison College.

Crown Maker

An interactive digital project created in collaboration with poet Rita Mae Reese. Javascript programming and design to blend with existing Wordpress website. The crown generator randomly produces a sonnet crown - seven 14-line poems from work written by Reese - and then allows the user to replace individual sonnets among the seven and store a crown for comparison.

Rules of (dis)engagement, or Dubious perFormances

A faux-real exhibit of women surreal artists, co-written by Wendy Vardaman & Sarah Sadie Busse and published by dancing girl press 2016.

After Words by Kimberly Blaeser

A letterpress broadside created in collaboration with Wisconsin's Poet Laureate Kimberly Blaeser.

Reliquary of Debt

Poetry published by Lit Fest Press 2015.